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Where Are They Now?

A look back at the links and references that populated “…she’s a flight risk.”
and, by extension, life on the web c. 2003-2006.
Referenced in: Flight
The indispensable blog tracking and ranking website that once kept tabs on the cross-references between nearly 30 million weblogs. Moved to an advertising platform model sometime around 2008, and was bought by Synacor for a mere $3 million in 2016.
Referenced in: Secrets
One of the early off-shore, encrypted webmail services. Still around, but now based in Canada instead of Anguilla.



The Schmoo Group/AirSnort
Referenced in: Tools of the Trade
Writers of the once indispensable “AirSnort” (“…a wireless LAN (WLAN) tool which recovers encryption keys.”)
I wish I remembered more about them, frankly. I am sure that I chatted with one of the members quite a lot back in 2003-2004 but I’ve lost track of who it was. They’ve been running “SchmooCon,” which I really wish I could attend someday.


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