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Over the years I have gotten a slew of questions ranging from the amusing, to the bizarre, to the frightening. As the days pass I’ll revisit my old emails and other archives and put a list of questions and answers here. It is a living document, so to speak.

Q. Was the name of the blog “Flight Risk” or “She’s a Flight Risk” or…?

A. The title of the blog originally came from an overheard conversation, so I was pretty insistent on making sure it was referred to as “…she’s a flight risk.”, in keeping with the bit of intercepted dialogue that was its origin. Of course, it was impossible to prevent “Flight Risk” or “She’s a Flight Risk” from finding its way into articles by lazy reporters.

Q. Will “Flight Risk Radio” return?

A. “Flight Risk Radio” was a series of mixes and, eventually, a Shoutcast server, that gave readers of “…she’s a flight risk.” access to the music I was listening to at any particular time. Most of the sets came from 74-80 minute mixes (remember those days?) I cobbled together with MixMeister, a digital music editor, that I would then burn to CD-R and listen to while flying. Eventually, I started putting long sets together just for the sever, rather than for in-flight programming. Eventually, there were 12 different sets. Fortunately, I’ve rediscovered almost all of them, so yes, Flight Risk Radio will return.

Last modified: August 31, 2018 22:10 CEST (+02:00)