"On March 2, 2003 at 4:12 pm, I disappeared...."

Is it possible for a date to feel both impossibly distant and painfully recent at once? I don't think I could have believed it before, but for me March 2, 2003 (the date I disappeared) is such a date. Casting aside for a moment the temptation to resort to obvious cliches about the relativity of time and so forth, I can only say that it amazes me that the tenth and fifteenth anniversaries of the beginnings of "...she's a flight risk" have already passed. Time flies. Except when it doesn't.

Near the occasion of the tenth anniversary of "...she's a flight risk" I wrote:

I may not have any new amazing tales to type to you (I hope not actually) but certainly there are war stories that have yet to find black on paper. I imagine one might sneak out here and there and end up drifting through the ether from these pages. And, as I pointed out in the new about section:

"...perhaps I will yet pen the definitive 'memoirs of a post-adolescent, international fugitive.' Or perhaps not."

Though for a time I thought I could resist the urge to revisit the events of 2003-2006, I found I was wrong. Moreover, it was impossible to tell those tales without also exploring more completely the "Origins of a Flight Risk." Accordingly, more than 600,000 words (in excess of 3,500,000 keystrokes) have found their way into manuscripts for three novels. They are: "Letters from the Dead," "The Prodigal Daughter," and "From Among the Spires".

Efforts to publish the series have begun in earnest, and, whether you are an original reader from 2003, or you've just now stumbled on all things "Flight Risk," there are a number of surprises in store for you in the months to come.

Meanwhile, do consider wandering my "author site," the "nerve centre" for the novels (if you will), which also houses my ongoing musings on topics of a random nature, and the occasional excerpt (or deleted chapter) from the novels (and, just perhaps, a sneak peak at projects not yet fully-tested against the rough skin of public opinion).

For those of a more "social network disposition, my low-volume Twitter Account might be of interest.

Whether you started reading 15 years ago or 15 minutes ago, welcome. If you'd like to join us head on back to shes.aflightrisk.org and choose your path. I hope you hang on for the ride to come.

With fugitive affections,

isabella v
Gstaad, Summer 2018